Krugle Enterprise Administration Guide - Overview

Overview - Krugle Administration Guide

This guide describes the Krugle Enterprise Administration Console. The Administration Console is a web application used to:

  • Specify digital content and code to be indexed by Krugle Enterprise
  • Manage user access control to indexed content and code
  • Manage and monitor operation of the Krugle Enterprise Appliance (or Virtual Appliance)
  • Manage and monitor external (open source) code by OSI license type
  • Generate log files and reports that document all aspects of the Krugle Enterprise use and administration
  • Manage display of brand / organization information in the Krugle Enterprise client

Krugle Administration Console
Before you can use the Krugle Enterprise Administration Console, Krugle Enterprise must be installed on your network with the Krugle Enterprise Installation Wizard. The installation process is summarized in the Krugle Enterprise Installation Guide

Chapter 1 - Krugle Projects

Chapter 1 explains Krugle Projects and how to use Krugle Projects to setup the content crawling and indexing process. Once the steps outlined in Chapter 1 have been completed, your users will be able to search your organization's content through the Krugle client application.

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Chapter 2 - Status and Reports

Chapter 2 describes hardware and software monitoring features of the Administration Console. This chapter also explains the extensive logging and report generation capabilities in Krugle Enterprise. These capabilities provide visibility into user activities (searches, downloads, feedback, etc.) as well as a chronological audit of all system events.

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Chapter 3 - Defining and managing projects

Chapter 3 explains in detail how Projects and the source code management (SCM) systems that contain those Projects are defined and managed in Krugle Enterprise.

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Chapter 4 - Configuration Settings and Controls

Chapter 4 discusses configuration settings. These settings allow Administrators to specify network settings for the Krugle Enterprise service, email notifications, administration accounts, OSI license settings, access control specifications and more.

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Chapter 5 - Krugle Enterprise Client Applications

Chapter 5 covers Krugle Enterprise search clients. Krugle Enterprise client applications include IDE based plug-ins and the browser base search and discovery application. Information in Chapter 5 helps end users choose, install and use the appropriate desktop search client application for use with Krugle Enterprise.

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Krugle Basic

Krugle Basic is a version of Krugle Enterprise intended for small teams and pilot evaluation deployments of Krugle. Krugle Basic operates in exactly the same manner as Krugle Enterprise, but is limited by:

  • which information can be included in the searchable index
  • the amount of information that can be stored in the system
  • advanced features such as access control and reporting

The differences between Krugle Basic and Krugle Enterprise will be noted in appropriate sections of this guide.

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