Installing Krugle Basic

Installing Krugle Basic

Installing Krugle Basic: VMware

  1. Verify VMware Host Hardware Make sure you have a 64 bit processor on your computer with at least 3 GB RAM, 10GB of free disk space and an Internet connection. The version of VMware Player/Fusion should be v5.x above.
  2. Download Krugle Download Krugle Basic VMware V5 (a 1 GB 7z file). When prompted, save the 7z file to your computer.
  3. Unzip the Downloaded 7z File Get a copy of 7zip if you don't have a utility to unzip the 7z file.
  4. Run the VMware Virtual Machine Open the Krugle Basic image from an existing WMware player or VMware Workstation.
  5. Note the IP address assigned The VMware terminal window will provide you an IP Address from the DHCP server on your network. IMPORTANT: Wait 5 minutes before proceeding to Step f.
  6. Access Krugle V5 Enter the IP address from above into a web browser to use Krugle.

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