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Krugle Search Qualifier Reference

Use these command line qualifiers to narrow/refine search results

btree project:alphaFinds files containing the term "btree" in the alpha project
btree lang:javaFinds files containing the term "btree" that were written in the java programming language
btree filename:"*.h"Finds files with the .h extension that contain the term btreejaxb filename:"pom.xml"Finds files named pom.xml that contain the term jaxb
btree site:src/text/resourcesFinds files containing the term "btree" and that have src/text/resources in their file path
comment:"btree"Finds files containing the term "btree" in any comments section of code files
classdef:"btree"Finds files containing a class definition that contains the term "btree" in the class name
functiondef:"btree"Finds files containing a function definition that contains the term "btree" in the class name
functioncall:"btree"Finds files containing a function, subroutine or method call that contains the term "btree" in the called name
"Hello, world!\n"Finds files that contain the exact contents of the string "Hello, world!\n"; note that single quotes('), triple single quotes (''') and triple double quotes (""") can also be used to define the beginning and end of a string
"text/xml" -"utf-8"Finds files that contain the term "text/xml" , but that do not contain "utf-8"
"alpha test" btree filename:"*.pdf" site: src/textCombines multiple qualifiers and search terms in a single query. Finds files containing either the term "alpha test" or the term "btree" in files of filetype "pdf" that have src/text in their filepath

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