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Krugle Enterprise v4, breaks down the information silos created with development systems - and continuously organizes all of the information that makes development organization more productive.

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Krugle Basic Support

Krugle Basic users must access support through the Krugle moderated support forum. This online forum documents frequently asked questions and provides direct access to commonly used support tools and is active monitored by Krugle support personnel. Access the Krugle Basic support forum at: support.aragoncg.com

Krugle Enterprise Support

Krugle Enterprise Edition customers can contact support at Enterprise-Support or call +1 415-869-8818 x711.

Online Support

We provide web-based access to self-help facilities. Among the on-line resources are:

  • Resources - Current product FAQ, manuals, and general documentation can be found in the Resources section of the Krugle website.
  • Enterprise-Support - For questions or issues that are not covered in the Krugle Resources section of the Krugle website, send an email with a description, as well as the specific product and version

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