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Krugle Enterprise Supports Microsoft Sharepoint 2013

Krugle expands reach into critical software development and deployment data

Redwood City, California - June 12, 2014 - The Aragon Consulting Group today announced the release and general availability of Krugle Enterprise connector support for Microsoft Sharepoint. With Sharepoint support, Krugle Enterprise expands its industry leading footprint across all digital content created in the software development process - giving development teams unprecedented visibility into the latest and most important code and insights across their organization.

Krugle Enterprise is the only search engine designed specifically to meet the demanding information access and deployment requirements of the modern software development organization. Krugle continuously and automatically collects and organizes all software development information - including software source code, deployment scripts, issue tracking system records, change requests, requirements documents and deployment artifacts - so that users can instantly search, discover and extract relevant development, testing, deployment and support information at a moments notice.

Krugle Enterprise Delivers Comprehensive Visibility into Key Development Assets and Insights

With the new Sharepoint connector, Krugle Enterprise supports teams that use Sharepoint to store and share design, planning and requirements information. Krugle can search all of or selected portions of the Sharepoint volume and extract all details from specified file sets - including all code file types, Microsoft Excel, Powerpoint, Visio and Word, .pdf, .xml, .txt and rtf files. Krugle preserves references between files so that relevant files and process information can easily be retrieved and used in Krugle searches.

How Businesses Benefit from Krugle Enterprise

Krugle Enterprise provides the industry's most advanced and reliable "federation layer" to teams that work with digital information stored in version control systems, issue tracking databases and document repositories. Krugle automatically aggregates and unifies this information to provide users with immediate, "high value" insights into user specific software development, testing and troubleshooting issues. Krugle uniquely improves productivity and decision making in critical design, development and support tasks, including:

  • Code and knowledge reuse and sharing
  • Software change management and impact analysis
  • Learning and Knowledge Transfer

About Krugle Enterprise

Software is a vast and ever growing embodiment of your organization's most valuable intellectual property. Krugle transforms this intellectual property into "on demand" repository of collective expertise that every member of the development team can grow and profit from. Krugle enables faster, better decision making in software design, testing, deployment and support. Krugle has built its leadership in Enterprise Search for Development around three key pillars:

  • Technology    Krugle search technology delivers quick, incisive answers - across software source code, development artifacts, record systems and project management records.

  • Complete Coverage    Krugle interfaces with the widest range of development systems to provide unified access to the information that guides crucial development decisions.

  • Robust Deployment    Krugle is a secure, reliable and scalable enterprise solution that has been proven in the most demanding software development organizations in finance, communications, high technology and defense organizations.

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