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Put all of your organization's most valuable insights, problem solving skills and software expertise at the fingertips of every Development, Test, DevOps and Support engineer.

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Software Technical Debt

360Taking control of technical debt has become a top priority for software organizations that manage multiple software projects and legacy code.

Technical debt creates brittle code, unnecessary limitations, missed delivery dates, quality shortfalls and software maintenance costs that are 100% avoidable.

With an unmatched ability to discover relevant ideas, problem solving techniques, code, scripts and supporting artifacts from software development and deployment activities, Krugle helps teams understand, avoid and reduce technical debt. Krugle guides Developers, Test Engineers, DevOps staff and Support teams to the best insights and problem solving approaches from all corners of your organization.

Software Technical Debt: the Billion $ Problem

Although most organizations have examples of well structured, carefully planned and meticulously maintained software, most projects fall consistently short of these standards. Requirements are not updated, quick fixes are made without complete unit and integration testing, fixes on critical development branches go unmerged, documentation is neglected and best practices go ignored. As a result, the entropy of your code base continually grows - creating an ever larger and more expensive code maintenance liability. Analysts estimate that in most organaizations, 40+% of software development and deployment expenses are related to unmanaged technical debt.

The fundamental problem is poor information access. Your team simply doesn't have easy access to the development information it needs most. Even though you've already paid to fix a bug, sidestep a nasty programming pitfall, achieve compliance or remedy a pesky deployment issue, it is likely that similar issues will be handled separately and independently.

Krugle Enterprise Technical Debt Solutions

Krugle provides instant, comprehensive, and accurate access to the information your organization needs to minimize technical debt. If the "answer" exists in your organization, Krugle will help anyone in your organization find it - instantly and securely.

Krugle is a proven enterprise search platform that creates an up-to-date, searchable and browsable archive of all the code and development artifacts that have been created in your organization. Through a simple, easy to learn browser interface, users can instantly access the information they need to perform their work so as to minimize and reduce technical debt. With Krugle, users can:

  • Locate clean, well maintained code that is both relevant and suitable for reuse
  • Rapidly access high value troubleshooting approaches and insights
  • Learn "someone else's code" quickly and completely
  • Discover code duplication and code simularity
  • Pinpoint patterns of good/bad software practices
  • Discover high-payback refactoring and consolidation opportunities

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